Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I love the sound of the rain
I love the sound of the pouring rain as it batters/buckets down on the roof top.

Place .I love the smell place of love and happiness down town of Auckland city as well of point England.

Time of day. I love the smell of the beutiful day that the sun will come out.

Person Techers and kids and other people

Colour my best colour wold be green red blue.i like the blue of the water and the green as the grass and as well red as the rose.

Food I like food that makes me hungry like sushi, noddles

Drink I like my drinks that makes everyone thersty

Sound I like my as normal as it can be.

Flower/Plant we love plants that makes love to people.

Activity i love playing rugby.

Person the that you love is you.

My favourite thing is to play games, like xbox360.