Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Andrew Artwork

Everyday I come to school to play on the playground which is near the kindergarten it is the biggest park in the school. We only have two parks but that’s the only park I go and play on. This park is the best because it is a lot of fun where we can play with others and play tiggy a lot and run around the park and do fitness.
The artist style I chose is Pablo Picasso because he has great technique in his art and has a lot of colours in his art. Pablo Picasso’s style is cubism that’s why I picked his style because he has great colours and uses lots of shapes. Picasso’s style is a lot  of fun because he distorts shapes and makes you think about they way images fit together.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Kiwi Kick

On Thursday 10th May Room 22 walked over to the Netball courts to meet Mike and Sam who were going to teach us a new sport.  We were very excited to play Kiwi Kick because this would be a new experience for all of the students in room 22. When we arrived at the courts we had to sit down and listen to the instructions.  When Mike and Sam were giving us the instructions I was feeling very tired, when we started  doing the drills I was feeling awesome and no longer tired.....

Yesterday we just started our second kiwi kick it was an different activity we did hand pass with an pirate dance. I was awesome at it i think we were all right at but then they had their revenge on us which we were all saying Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

On our third lesson we had to warm up ,our warm up was an game that we had played we played jaguars vs cheetahs i was an jaguar and junior was an cheater he try to get away from me but “NO” i got him he fort he was an gonner.Then after our warm up we had learn our new drill it was an chest mark and an high mark and are spekie then we all got an hand of then we had an skills.But the jaguars lost to the cheater then it was time be finished then we had to line up and go.