Monday, November 26, 2012

The bush

One day as was walking i had seen away to have look as i started walking i suddenly saw a bush which was the side of the track which made walk down as kept traveling down i kept on seeing the same bush which look the same as i saw travelers looking and walking felt just like

As i got my phone out i immediately took a picture. After my picture i had ask and traveler what the bushs Name, but he had no what was the bushs name was so i kept asking people what the name was but all didn't know.After all that asking no one had name to this bush until someone told me and said the name was Norway spruce which is an european  bush which come from way back in the days.

So  “Norway Spruce” is an bush grows ground and which makes you walk  threw the walkway.This walkway incredible because of this bush which make this place famous to walk thru and out without trouble.

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