Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Andrew Artwork

Everyday I come to school to play on the playground which is near the kindergarten it is the biggest park in the school. We only have two parks but that’s the only park I go and play on. This park is the best because it is a lot of fun where we can play with others and play tiggy a lot and run around the park and do fitness.
The artist style I chose is Pablo Picasso because he has great technique in his art and has a lot of colours in his art. Pablo Picasso’s style is cubism that’s why I picked his style because he has great colours and uses lots of shapes. Picasso’s style is a lot  of fun because he distorts shapes and makes you think about they way images fit together.

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  1. Hey nice work getting this posted Andrew. So were you happy with the final product? Is there anything you would do differently if you tried to do this again?
    Mrs Nua


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